Overview of the Dashboard

The Dashboard tab gives you instant feedback on how your property is performing. This screen is divided into the following widgets.

Health Check

The Health Check widget notifies you of any outstanding tasks or issues that you may wish to address. A green smiley face indicates that all is well, a yellow smiley face indicates that there is an important item that you may wish to review, and a red smiley face indicates a critical issue that requires your attention. 

Please click on a smiley face to review or correct any issues.

3-Way Reconciliation

This widget shows the current status of your 3-Way Reconciliation. This widget is split into three sections; each with its own balance. The balance of each section must be the same. If ever you notice your 3-Way Reconciliation is not balancing; please contact GuestPoint Support to assist you.

The Trust Bank Account section balance is calculated by adding the Bank Account balance recorded in your last reconciliation with any unreconciled Receipts (in) or Payments (out). Click on the Trust Bank Account heading to take you to Daily Tasks, where you can perform the daily banking and 3-Way reconciliation with your Trust Bank Account.
The Receipts and Payments section is calculated by adding all current Receipts (in), all current Payments (out) plus any Unallocated Booking Deposits. Click on the Receipts and Payments heading to see all transaction that make up the totals.
The Revenue section is calculated by adding all revenue currently allocated to the Business, Owners and Suppliers, as well as any unallocated revenue from Booking Deposits. Click on the Revenue heading to see all transaction that make up the totals.

Business Accounts

This widget shows all revenue currently allocated to the Business, as well as any pending revenue for the business (EG monthly cable TV charges).

Revenue Chart

This widget allows you to compare the Business Revenue for the last 2 years.

Distribution Equality

This widget allows you to easily track the equal distribution of revenue across all units in the Letting Pool, based on their unit type. It also highlights the number of units with revenue below the permissible equality range in red, the number of units that fall inside the permissible equality range in green, and the number of units that fall above the permissible equality range.

It is impossible for all units of a particular unit type to earn exactly the same amount of revenue at all times. It is therefore important to set the permissible variance for your property here:
Management -> Set Up -> Control Settings -> General Settings -> Equal Distribution - Permissible Variance %

1) Select the range of the equal distribution comparison

2) Press "Expand" to view all units grouped by room type, and which units are below, within or above the permissible equality variance and by how much:

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