Owner Accounting: Bookings tab

Owner Accounting: Bookings tab

Overview of the Bookings tab

This tab contains all past, current and future bookings contained within the GuestPoint PMS and their current status. It is also possible to drill down on each booking and see further information, including allocations, payments and trust receipts. By default the bookings that appear here are for the current month only.

  1. SEARCH: Search for bookings by First Name, Last Name or Group Name
  2. DATES: The date filter will be set to the current month by default, but can be adjusted to any period here
  3. REFRESH: Refreshing the page will cause this page to refresh with the latest data within GuestPoint Owner Accounting
  4. ISSUES: Will filter the bookings list to show only booking with issues, so that you can investigate further
  5. SYNC NOW: Will force an update from the GuestPoint PMS to GuestPoint Owner Accounting, and retrieve all new or modified bookings
  6. REF: The Reservation number of the booking from GuestPoint PMS
  7. R#: A revision number may appear here if a booking room account is edited after departure, and after the original revenue has been distributed during End of Month
  8. CHECK-IN: The booking arrival date
  9. CHECK-OUT: The booking departure date
  10. DOORS: The room number(s) associated with the booking. For Group bookings "GROUP" will display here
  11. GUEST(S): The Guest(s) and Group Name associated with the booking
  12. STATUS: Various icons will display in this column to show the status of the booking. Hovering over each status will display the status text. Hovering over the "Status" column label will display a legend showing all possible status icons with their description
  13. O/R: An icon will display in this column if an override code has entered in the booking's room account in GuestPoint PMS
  14. M/A: An icon will display in this column if the standard fees and charges have been manually adjusted within GuestPoint Owner Accounting
  15. SYNC: This will force a re-sync of this booking from GuestPoint PMS
  16. EARLY DIST: An early distribution is possible before a guest departs if the booking is fully paid. An empty check box will appear here when this is possible, and the booking can be early distributed by checking the box
  17. RECEIPTS: The value of all payments taken on the booking's room account will display here. Each payment taken in GuestPoint PMS will be assigned a Receipt number
  18. ACCOM: The value of all accommodation revenue (revenue to be split between the owner and the business) will display here
  19. OTHER: The value of all other revenue will display here
  20. NET: The value of the Receipts column, minus the two Revenue columns, equal the Net value. The booking can only be distributed when the Net value is zero

Further booking information

Drilling down on the arrows marked with yellow below, will display additional information for each booking:

  1. BOOKING DOORS: This section shows a summary of revenue and payment receipts for each door (room) linked to the booking
  2. BOOKING ITEMS: This section shows all the revenue and receipt line items from the Room Account within GuestPoint
  3. BOOKING ALLOCATION: This sections shows once the booking has been allocated, and displays all of the fees and charges as well as the balance to be paid to the unit owner
  4. EDIT ALLOCATION: This allows the fees and charges to be edited per booking (further details below)

Editing the Allocation of Fees Per Booking

Once a booking has been allocated (either after departure or after an early distribution), it is possible to adjust the fees per booking by pressing "Edit Allocation"

  1. NET OWNER AMOUNT: This is the amount the owner will receive after all fees have been deducted. This cell will automatically update once fees are adjusted or added below
  2. FEE AMOUNT: Adjust any of the fee amounts here. Once you tab out of the cell the Net Owner Amount will update
  3. DELETE: Delete any fees by clicking on the red rubbish bin
  4. ADD ACCOUNT TO ALLOCATION: Add additional fees here
  5. RESET: Reset to original values as per standard fee types for this room
Once you have manually adjusted the fees, and selected SAVE, the booking will display a Blue Pin icon in the M/A (Manual Allocation) column. 

You can undo a manual allocation by clicking on the blue pin

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