Reports tab (Owner Accounting)

Reports tab (Owner Accounting)

Owner Accounting Reports Overview

GuestPoint Owner accounting has a variety of reports and report types. From the Reports tab, select the tab along the top, and select the report you wish to print. The filters and options available will differ per report.

All reports can be viewed as a PDF, downloaded or emailed. Tabular style reports (reports that look similar to an Excel spreadsheet) can also be downloaded in a CSV file format. Some reports produce a number of separate documents (EG Owner Statements), and these will be downloaded as a Zip file containing all of the documents.

Running Reports

To run a report, simply click on the tab and report you wish to view, and from the Report screen:
  1. Select the filters you wish to apply for the report
  2. Select "Print Selections" if you wish the filters you selected to be printed on the report
  3. View, download or email the report as required

Viewing Reports

The report viewer includes a number of useful tools including:
  1. Zoom in or out
  2. Download as PDF
  3. Print
  4. Send PDF report via email

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