10 – Bookings

10 – Bookings

Procedural Note 10 – Bookings 

Steps Shortcut: Owner Accounting->Bookings
Step-by-Step 1
As GuestPoint Owner Accounting, is a separate module, this area shows the bookings that have come across from your GuestPoint Property Management System. To that end, once you have selected your date range. Hit SYNC to ensure all bookings are synced across.

Step-by-Step 2
You can select or locate bookings by clicking on the triangle which will sort the bookings by Ref number, Check-In, Check-Out date, by Doors (Unit number) or by Guests (name)

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Step-by-Step 3
A booking status code can be activated by hovering over the status

Step-by-Step 4
Highlight the booking you wish to check and click on the icon > which will then display the booking accounting information briefly.
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Step-by-Step 5
Press on the eye to review the statement with options to print, e-mail

Step-by-Step 6
You’ll notice EDIT Allocation below which then opens a screen to allow access to Edit the financial arrangements

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The Edit Allocation screen allows you to edit the financial arrangements.  This allows the ability to amend a charge or add a charge against a particular booking, rather than add, for example, an ad hoc charge through management/transactions/charges for ad hoc one-off charges (like a plumbers charge) or accounts/units for a static monthly charge (Foxtel as an example) 

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