12 – Permanent Rentals – Add a Record (Tenant)

12 – Permanent Rentals – Add a Record (Tenant)

Procedural Note 12 – Permanent Rentals – Add a Record (Tenant)

Steps Shortcut: Owner Accounting->Permanent Rentals->add a record 

Step-by-Step 1 

Click ‘+ Add Record’
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Step-by-Step 2 - Details

Complete the sections below which are self-explanatory – Door also means Unit number and allows a drop-down of available units to select. Completion of the sections is simple – for tenant code, we recommend Unit # and tenants’ surname U13TESTER (as an example). Commission always includes GST as is the case with all charges. Once all sections are completed select save.

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Step-by-Step 3 – Lease & Bond

Self-explanatory and complete sections ensuring the dates from the previous section details have come across correctly. Lease reference is internal and free format. If a Bond is applicable (and that would be a normal situation in a Management Letting Rights) tick Bond Applies and complete that section including the Bond Amount (typically 4 weeks rent). Then select the Bond Authority as per your State or Territory via the pulldown option, and then save.

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Step-by-Step 4 – Notes

Self-explanatory and allows you to insert notes applicable to your tenant. We recommend you preface your notes with a date i.e. 22/10/22 – followed by your text. Then hit save.
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