It is important to reconcile your Trust Bank account statement with GuestPoint Owner Accounting regularly. 

Reconciling GuestPoint with your Trust Bank Account statement

  1. Enter the closing date of your bank statement
  2. Enter the closing bank balance for this date
  3. Select all of transactions that make up this balance
  4. Check that the statement balance matches your closing bank balance

What if my bank statement has direct deposits that have not been posted in GuestPoint?

Go to the reservation in GuestPoint and post the direct deposit. Once this is posted hit "Sync Now" (in the top right of the above screen) so that the transaction appears for you to select.

What if I have transactions on my bank statement that I do not know where to post (EG a deposit with no name or reservation number)?

You can add an adjustment to allow you to reconcile your bank statement, until such time that you find out where the money should be posted.

Posting an Adjustment

  2. Enter the date of the unknown transaction
  3. Enter the amount (enter a positive amount for money into the account, or a negative amount for money out of the account)
  4. Enter a description of the adjustment
  5. Select Add Adjustment

This process will add both a positive and a negative transaction for the same value the equals out to zero. Next you will select one of the adjustment transactions, along with your banking transactions so that you can reconcile your bank statement.

This will leave the opposite of the adjustment to sit in the Reconciliation window until you find out where to post it. Once you find the owner of the deposit and post it into GuestPoint, the next time you reconcile you will be able to select the adjustment item and the posted transaction to clear them.

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