Supplier Accounts

Supplier Accounts

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    • 13 – Accounts

      Procedural Note 13 – Accounts Steps Shortcut: Owner Accounting ->Accounts Step-by-Step This displays seven (7) areas within the Accounts Module of the Owner Accounting. This account area relates specifically to Owner Accounting after the booking has ...
    • Transaction Accounts

      Here you can manage existing or create new accounts to track revenue. Creating a New Transaction Account in Owner Accounting Select + Add Record, fill out the details as below, and select Save. ACCOUNT CODE: Enter in a one word code to help you ...
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      Owner Accounts Overview The owner accounts screen shows details of all owners, which units they own, their current and past transactions and the ability to print the Owner's Statement. You can drill down on each owner to see transactions, and you can ...
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      Business Accounts Overview The business account details all revenue earned by the business, and breaks down the revenue into each transaction account. It allows you to drill-down into each transaction account, to see each transaction within. Side by ...