System Logs

System Logs

System Logs Overview

This screen can be used to ensure all is well with the system, and any errors can be traced by the Support team. This area does not need to be monitored.

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    • Email Logs

      Email Log Overview All emails sent from GuestPoint Owner Accounting will appear in the Email log, and their status can be reviewed. Double click on the email to open the email and view the attachment.
    • Overview of owner accounting

      Welcome to GuestPoint Owner Accounting! The GuestPoint Owner Accounting module provides a simple and powerful solution for Management Rights properties. GuestPoint Owner Accounting is divided into six main sections. You can access each of these ...
    • Archive

      Archive Overview The archive records and provides access to all report batches run from the system as a Zip file (EG the End of Month batch of reports). These can be downloaded from here at any time. Backups are also recorded in the archive for ...
    • Tasks & Audit

      Tasks & Audit Overview This screen shows issues or alerts that the system would like to bring to your attention. Many of the tasks are self explanatory, and some may require assistance from GuestPoint Support. If you are unable to resolve a ...
    • 13 – Accounts

      Procedural Note 13 – Accounts Steps Shortcut: Owner Accounting ->Accounts Step-by-Step This displays seven (7) areas within the Accounts Module of the Owner Accounting. This account area relates specifically to Owner Accounting after the booking has ...